Rahul Bahl futbol (soccer) player

Rahul Bahl

Rahul Bahl futbol player

Rahul Bahl soccer player

Rahul Bahl futbol player in spain

Rahul Bahl soccer player in spain

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soccer player in Fc Malaga spain

futbol player in spain

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Who Is Rahul ?

Rahul is an athlete who plays Soccer as a profession. He is trained to compete in a soccer game. The Soccer is assigned on the grass ground to protect the goalkeeper. In other words, a person who participates in games to compete.

Rahul says growing up, soccer was in his blood as Godfather /uncle encouraged him for starting playing soccer at the early age when he was 2 ½ years of age in the year 2008 Rahul’s passion for soccer caught the attention of his father, who began teaching him skills and other areas of soccer.

“The more I committed myself to soccer, I started to see results…says Rahul

He love to being social and meeting new people around the world in his soccer travels.

Early Career

In the year 2010 , Rahul joined first club at 4 years of age named Wesley Chapel soccer Club , as a recreational player.

Mr. Robert , the Director of the Club , saw Rahul’s devasting performannce and tranfered him to competitive league , passing the required development phase which was great Motivation . In the year 2012 Rahul played for WCSC for around 6-7 years it was great change travelling within Florida in home state and getting chance for exploring different teams and playing strategies. Also learnt how to balance between Academic life and passion for practicing soccer.

In the year 2017 , Rahul’s favourite coach and mentor planned to move clubs having trust and faith on him I followed and joined FL premier FC.Now it was more competitive and got completely change over.

Just Moving a year forward in 2018 was blessed to be invited to try out for GF Soccer Enterprises before playing for FC Premier.Rahul made a German youth team representing the USA and flew to berlin(Germany )in 2018 which was a great start off where Rahul always wanted to be professionally and achieving my goals.

During the course of his Career at FL Premier ,IMG Academy reached out after seeing some of Rahul’s soccer playing videos on social media.It was a longshot and luckiely got the honour of playing with the IMG Academy in Bradenton FL.I had to dorm there which was harder as 13 year old boy

Award and Achievement:

Personal Life And Legacy:

Very little I knew about Rahul’s personal life. He is a regular teen of 15 years of age who loves pizza and fancy breakfast, at the same time having very old soul vibes. He lives a busier life because of his work which he loves a lot. His passion for soccer will never be wasted and will reach the sky.

Rahul is without a doubt one of the leading soccer players and is all set to become one of the greatest soccer players of his generation

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